Online Submissions

What is the purpose of online registration of an article on the journal's website?

This is a requirement of international standards for the digital registration of intellectual property objects. Through the online registration, the following important article data is recorded and stored and can be checked:

  • The author's version of the manuscript, submitted by the author to the editor.
  • Exact date of receipt / transfer of the article to the editor.
  • Metadata manuscripts - the author's version of the article title, abstract, keywords, field of science, main language, and other information about the article.
  • Information about the author and his affiliation at the time of submission of the manuscript.
  • Final manuscript, approved for publication.

In addition, the transparency of the editorial and publishing process of preparing the manuscript is ensured - the work of reviewers, editors, proofreaders is recorded, which allows the editorial board and the author to control the process of preparing the manuscript for printing.

What should be done for online registration of an article on the journal's website?

Step 1.

Register on the journal's website in the role of "Author" using your username / password. When registering, please indicate your personal information: full name, e-mail, academic title, biographical and other information.

It is recommended that you provide the authoring ORCID, which can only be obtained from the ORCID registry. The identifier must conform to ORCID formatting standards and must be in the form of a full URI (for example,

Step 2.

Log into the working part of the site with your account (login / password) and select "New manuscript".

Step 3.

Check the compliance of the author's version of your manuscript with all the specified points of the "Requirements for the manuscript". Only in this case, you can proceed to the next stage of article submission. If the article does not correspond to one or several of the "Requirements" clauses, in this case, the article will most likely be returned to the author for revision. Therefore, you should not continue to register the article. It is necessary to bring your article in line with the editorial "Requirements". If certain requirements cannot be met, then this should be reported in your comment to the editor.

Step 4.

The next important step is a DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE ARTICLE or an indication of the METADATA OF THE ARTICLE. It is important that the author independently makes a description of his article and indicates the necessary metadata of the article in order to avoid distortion of the metadata. This metadata of the article will be used for digital identification and search of the article, therefore, one should strive to provide the most complete metadata for all proposed description fields in order to ensure effective identification and search of the article by search engines and scientific databases. The entered metadata must be saved on the site (click the "Save and complete" button). After registering an article on the site, the editors receive a message from the site support service that a new article has arrived, and the author receives a copy of this message. At this, the online registration of the article is considered complete, and the article is considered officially submitted / submitted to the editor.

Step 5.

The article receives the status "A manuscript awaiting acceptance" and this date is considered the beginning of the process of editorial preparation of the manuscript for publication - its review, editing, correction, layout. Thanks to online registration, the author can follow the progress of the manuscript through these stages of preparation and, if necessary, correct this process.