Call for papers Autumn 2022 "Who is My Neighbor?" The Christian Communities in Times of War and Peace


Dear Colleagues, Theological Reflections: Eastern European Journal of Theology invites submissions ​​to the November issue No. 20.2 (2022). Since the church's birth, Christians have experienced constant tensions due to their dual identity as both the followers of Christ and the citizens of states entering into military conflicts. Efforts to reconcile these identities and bring together disturbing biblical images of war and Christ's teaching on non-resistance to evil have provoked lengthy and fierce theological debates. Their relevance is significantly growing today when the Old world is threatened by a new redistribution of borders and spheres of influence for the first time since the Cold War. Current and potential military conflicts confront every Christian with the need to define their place and role in the new circumstances and urge them to find ways to resolve conflicts, build peace, and prevent violence. The editorial board of the journal invites the authors to submit papers that focus on the following topics:

  • The role of religion in conflicts and their resolution at the global, regional, institutional, group, and individual levels
  • Historical and modern approaches to war and peace in Christianity
  • The use of religious traditions, doctrines, images, and narratives by the proponents of war and/or peace
  • The use of biblical metaphors in the existential understanding of the experience of peace and war 
  • Security, violence, and vulnerability in the biblical perspective
  • The biblical theology of reconciliation and restorative justice 
  • The theory of just war, its historical development, and criticism
  • Refusal of violence: biblical foundations and experience of the local evangelical tradition
  • The potential of the Christian community in building peace in a divided world

The deadline for submission of materials is June 15, 2022. The date of publication is November 15, 2022.